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Take2 supports our clients’ missions by empowering people to develop innovative ideas, tools, and technologies to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. We have assisted several Federal Civilian agencies and Commercial clients with mission critical IT needs, implementing talented individuals faster than our competitors.

Cloud & Infrastructure

Boasting flexibility and scalability, the cloud offers government agencies seamless access to tools needed to execute their mission, while delivering cost savings and data security. By removing the up-front capital costs of equipment and data center storage, utilizing cloud computing gives access to the same benefits of this equipment. Take2 offers an as-needed payment model, allowing an organization to safely protect their information assets in a virtual environment.

Our experts consult with you on your cloud needs, developing a strategy aligned to your organization’s goals. Once established, our engineers execute the plan, keeping data secure throughout migration. With a cloud architecture in place, Take2 experts work within your organization to streamline management within the cloud, enabling your team to integrate and navigate the new environment effectively.

Take2 provides cloud computing and network infrastructure security solutions for government and commercial clients. Our team of Network, Systems, DevOps, Cloud, and Cyber Engineers are responsible for ensuring that your data is securely captured, processed, managed, and stored in a secure cloud environment. Rather than ‘one size fits all’ solutions, we offer clients cloud solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Count on us to host and maintain your digital environment.

Take2 provided the 2020 US Census with Technical Integration of Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering, hosting the Enterprise Architecture on AWS.

Cyber Security

In the constantly changing world of cyber, threats and vulnerabilities are an ever-present danger. Take2 provides the tools, technologies, and training to protect your organization’s data from attacks and unauthorized access. Data breaches impact agency missions, jeopardize personal data of citizens and staff, and cause reputational damage that undermines trust. With technology’s ubiquity across government and commercial entities, protecting digital data is critical to an organization’s success.

Take2 provides our clients with a Strategic Roadmap that includes the Architecture, Design, Deployment, Engineering, and Configuration of leading cyber tools to identify network risks and insecurities. Our Cyber Security experts have the ability to create real-time dashboards that give our clients the ability to quickly identify, analyze, and address threats and vulnerabilities in their digital environment.

We have the ability to quickly provide your organization with subject matter experts in Application Security, Network Security, and Governance Risk and Compliance support, all of whom are able to address and resolve critical cyber issues. Protecting your data is essential to maintaining your organization’s reputation and trust amongst your clients and partners, and Take2 ensures your data is protected.

Giving you the tools to keep your data secure.

With the DHS, Take2 worked on the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) program, a dynamic approach to fortifying the cyber security for the DHS.

Software & Development

Sometimes a project might have requirements that an organization’s existing software can’t produce. Take2 uses DevSecOps to develop and implement software tailored to your organization’s unique mission requirements. We assist clients with training throughout implementation so each individual user is able to get the most out of the program from day one.

With our People Cloud we have the ability to provide on-demand surge support and rapid staffing capability to meet emergent needs as well as large-scale O&M, and migration support, including for antiquated legacy systems still critical to the mission. This gives your organization the flexibility to mitigate risk associated with integrating new and legacy applications.

Take2’s employee roster features software engineers with specializations in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We take an Agile approach to system design, going through several steps of developer testing before software implementation. This process requires guidance for implementing a Strategic Roadmap Plan, making sure that each task is presented and approved by stakeholders, as well as reviewed periodically, and updated as necessary to remain aligned with your organization’s goals.

Take2 professionals are advisors on expansion, enhancement, and revision.

Take2 supported the agency-wide cutover to VA ServiceNow Customer Service Management, and provides 100+ Tier 1&2 help desk and service desk professionals.

Data Solutions

The collection and securing of information is vital to your organization’s progress as the reliance on intangible assets continues to become more important to industry success. Effective data solutions empower organizations to organize the chaos and sift out knowledge. Take2 helps clients develop and implement strategies for employing AI, ML, data science, data visualization, predictive tools, and dashboards to drill into “Big Data” for decision makers, rendered usable by operators.

Technology allows organizations to gather data quickly and efficiently, replacing speculation with science. Take2 experts work with clients to evaluate tools, technologies, and platforms that gather data from disparate sources, and create a structured method to analyze it all. Using BI software, our experts help render data into usable information, and create an action plan to implement it.

Take2 has the ability, and the people to offer your organization specialized solutions in Big Data, Enterprise Data, Data Warehouse, and Reporting Solutions. We maintain a roster of skilled specialists to manage your vital information assets, as well as a People Cloud to assist in Surge circumstances.

Connecting people to solve wide spread initiatives.

Take2 was tasked with unifying data from several different environments that vary in size, age, and type.

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We assist our clients and partners by providing valuable solutions and the right people, believing that no challenge is too big or too small for us to approach.

Take 2 has received several awards for being one of the best businesses to work for, as well as being recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for our continued success and growth.

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We believe the future of engaging with global resources is through our People Cloud platform; allowing clients and partners a gateway to cloud based talent.

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